Thursday, 1 May 2008

Bits and Pieces

This is a collection of some of the shows that I've skipped so far because they were incomplete.

July 2 2002 - DJ Rupture (48 mins)
DJ Rupture is sadly absent from this file. It has everything from the start of the show up to the Cranebuilders track.

July 4 2002 - Nina Nastasia live at Peel Acres (71 mins)
Everything from M'du to Spillsbury, unfortunately losing Nina Nastasia's first live track and her last three.

July 9 2002 - Culture (72 mins)
Everything from Nero & The Gladiators to Bearsuit.


DuffPaddy said...

Thanks again, Grizzmeister!

I have these three shows in full. The 4th and 9th are ripped from the RA stream but are perfectly listenable and the 2nd is a decent-quality WMA. I also have the full YYY's session from August 22nd (though not the full show in that case). If you're interested in filling in the gaps I can put them up on my own (currently rather dormant) Peel blog.

So It Goes said...

Better a little than nothing at all, that's what I say. Thanks, Grizzle!