Wednesday, 30 April 2008

August 21 2002 - The D4

Well, I found the missing show from the day before yesterday's one and there's a handful of partial bits and bobs that I'll probably post tomorrow. Still don't know where the rest of them have gone. Anyway, tonight's includes tracks from surf king Dick Dale, Willie Nelson and Interpol.

Peel Show - August 21 2002 - The D4 - part 1
Peel Show - August 21 2002 - The D4 - part 2

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

August 22 2002 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Bit of a gap here. I'm not sure why. Laura Cantrell pops up again tonight, along with The Dillinger Escape Plan and the recently incarcerated Grooverider.

Peel Show - August 22 2002 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - part 1
Peel Show - August 22 2002 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - part 2

Update: It looks like part 2 is a little short here. Part 1 ends with the Dillinger Escape Plan and part 2 begins with Yami Balo, so we're missing 4 tracks there, including one of the YYYs session tracks. A bit of a shame.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

July 30 2002 - Coin-Op

I can't say that I've ever heard of Coin-Op but it looks like they're still with us. Other artists tonight include OMD, The Breeders and The White Stripes.

Peel Show - July 30 2002 - Coin-Op - part 1
Peel Show - July 30 2002 - Coin-Op - part 2

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

July 25 2002 - Belle & Sebastian Live at Peel Acres

Tonight's artists include perennial Peel favourites Captain Beefheart and The Fall.

Peel Show - July 25 2002 - Belle & Sebastian - part 1
Peel Show - July 25 2002 - Belle & Sebastian - part 2

I've encoded these files slightly differently because some folk were having trouble playing the earlier ones on iPods. Let me know in the comments if they're still causing problems.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

July 24 2002 - The Icarus Line

Today's show is one of those where I recognise hardly anyone on the tracklisting. Aside from The Icarus Line in session, the only other name I know is Biffy Clyro.

Peel Show - July 24 2002 - The Icarus Line - part 1
Peel Show - July 24 2002 - The Icarus Line - part 2

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

July 18 2002 - Circle

Circle are apparently a Finnish band. I don't remember anything about them, personally, but I'm sure they're great. Tonight's highlights (where "highlights" means "names I still recognise six years on") are Cornershop, Autechre, Cinerama and Misty In Roots.

Peel Show - July 18 2002 - Circle - part 1
Peel Show - July 18 2002 - Circle - part 2

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

July 3rd 2002 - Miss Black America

What a fantastic start. Turns out I can't follow my own file naming system. Originally uploaded as March 7th, this is actually from July 3rd.

This is the first complete show I have. Artists on tonight's show include Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Nina Nastasia, The Liars (not the same band as Liars, I'm assuming) and The Bambi Molesters. I'm as surprised as anyone that The Bambi Molesters are still going.

Peel Show - July 3rd 2002 - Miss Black America - part 1
Peel Show - July 3rd 2002 - Miss Black America - part 2

Saturday, 12 April 2008

May 7th 2003 - The Black Keys

This is from the middle of the collection. It would probably make more sense to upload these in date order or something, but this is kind of a test post to make sure everything is working.

The BBC have saved me a lot of trouble by keeping all their Peel tracklistings online. Names that I recognise from this show are The Black Keys, Gary Numan, Laura Cantrell and Peel's favourite local boy, Cowcube.

Peel Show - May 7th 2003 - The Black Keys - part 1
Peel Show - May 7th 2003 - The Black Keys - part 2

The files are 128kbps because that's the best I could do at the time. They're completely unedited from the original recordings so there's a bit of Colin Murray or someone at the start. Try not to panic.


Back around the turn of the century, I bought myself a Psion Wavefinder digital radio receiver. I had this idea, you see. I worked in an office that was about an hour's drive away and I was running out of ways to entertain myself on the journey. Daytime radio was kind of a chore to listen to, and it doesn't take long to get bored of an album when you listen to it three or four times a day.

The John Peel show was still going at the time, but it was on too late for me to listen to it live and still get up for work in the morning. My plan, then, was to use the Wavefinder and my PC to record the show every evening, then transfer it to audio tape (yes, that's how long ago it was) and listen to it on the drive to and from work. An incredible plan with just one minor flaw - it turns out I was way too lazy to do all the work needed to transfer audio from PC to tape.

I think I listened to maybe three or four shows this way before losing interest in connecting hi-fi equipment to the PC every morning. I kept recording them though, slowly filling up my hard disk, and every now and then I'd sit and listen to one at home. Eventually, I upgraded the PC and the Wavefinder stopped working. It had been temperamental right from the start, and Psion had pretty much abandoned support for it by the time I bought mine. So the recordings stopped. It didn't bother me too much at the time because I had this archive of old shows and, hey, it's not like Peel was going anywhere, right?

Time passed, and eventually Peel did leave us. I'd switched computers a couple of times, switched jobs a couple of times, and pretty much forgotten about all these old shows that I'd recorded. Turns out I kept the hard disk they were all stored on though. There's about 8gb of files all told. I'll be uploading them here. Maybe not every day like the title says (I've got bandwidth caps to think about) but fairly regularly.