Saturday, 12 April 2008

May 7th 2003 - The Black Keys

This is from the middle of the collection. It would probably make more sense to upload these in date order or something, but this is kind of a test post to make sure everything is working.

The BBC have saved me a lot of trouble by keeping all their Peel tracklistings online. Names that I recognise from this show are The Black Keys, Gary Numan, Laura Cantrell and Peel's favourite local boy, Cowcube.

Peel Show - May 7th 2003 - The Black Keys - part 1
Peel Show - May 7th 2003 - The Black Keys - part 2

The files are 128kbps because that's the best I could do at the time. They're completely unedited from the original recordings so there's a bit of Colin Murray or someone at the start. Try not to panic.


So It Goes said...

Thanks for this high quality, vintage Peel. Looks like you have lots of gaps in my collection!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these 'modern' Peel
"Vintage", 2002 ? Shurely shome
mishtake, Mr So-it-Goes .........

So It Goes said...

I quote
'2. Of a good period, choice, representative of the best, etc. vintage Hemingway.'
Now who looks a bit stupid, Mr. Too Scared To Leave My Name?