Wednesday, 30 April 2008

August 21 2002 - The D4

Well, I found the missing show from the day before yesterday's one and there's a handful of partial bits and bobs that I'll probably post tomorrow. Still don't know where the rest of them have gone. Anyway, tonight's includes tracks from surf king Dick Dale, Willie Nelson and Interpol.

Peel Show - August 21 2002 - The D4 - part 1
Peel Show - August 21 2002 - The D4 - part 2


Anonymous said...

My mp3 player won't play this one :(

I think encoding them at 48,000 Hz instead of the usual 44,100 is the problem.

So It Goes said...
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So It Goes said...

I don't see how that matters. My media player plays them fine, and my computer's shit (see here).