Thursday, 8 May 2008

September 5 2002 - Cowcube

If I remember rightly, Cowcube was a guy from Stourbridge who happened to bump into Peel one day in town and handed him a homemade CD. I don't know if he ever got a record deal but he got a fair bit of airplay on Peel's show at the time. Ella Fitzgerald also pops up on tonight's show, along with Pulp, The Flaming Stars and many, many more.

Peel show - September 5 2002 - Cowcube - part 1
Peel show - September 5 2002 - Cowcube - part 2


Anonymous said...

I loved Cowcube. I wrote off to the guy to get his CD and it still sounds great

So It Goes said...

Ah, yes, Cowcube (a.k.a. Paul Stimpson) made the 2000 Festive Fifty with Popping Song. He actually gave his demo to John's son William in a pub in Stowmarket, and it sat on a shelf for a year, until John found it and proclaimed it the best thing he'd heard that year. {Info courtesy of Margrave, p. 390]

Anonymous said...

memories......... THX for the upload! BIG UP