Tuesday, 27 May 2008

September 11 2002 - Herman Dune (again)

Seems like only last week I was posting a Herman Dune show and here we are again. Other artists tonight include Ikara Colt, Ballboy and Pulp.

Peel show - September 11 2002 - Herman Dune - part 1
Peel show - September 11 2002 - Herman Dune - part 2

I've switched to megaupload for tonight because mediafire just wasn't responding at all. Hopefully all will be well and the files will download OK. As always, shout if there's a problem.


So It Goes said...

No Rapidshare...phew. ;-))
Very fast downloads, and the usual Grizzle quality...what more could one ask? Thanks, buddy.

the grizzle said...

Yeah, I prefer mediafire from a purely aesthetic point of view but there's no denying that the upload to megaupload took about half as long as it usually would.