Wednesday, 21 May 2008

May 15 2003 - Herman Dune

It's interesting looking at the tracklistings for these shows that have been sitting unheard on my hard disk for five years. There's a few bands in tonight's show that I've only "discovered" recently, and one that I rediscovered a matter of weeks ago. In no particular order, they are Ten Benson, Noxagt and The Broken Family Band. That probably says something about the timelessness of these shows. Or something.

Peel show - May 15 2003 - Herman Dune - part 1
Peel show - May 15 2003 - Herman Dune - part 2

I should probably just point out that if you spot any bad links, you're better off letting me know in a comment on a recent post, rather than commenting on the post with the bad link. I don't tend to go back over the old ones once they're off the front page.

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So It Goes said...

That 2000 Festive Fifty pops up again: Drug Dealer In The Park was a splendid song.