Tuesday, 20 May 2008

May 14 2003 - The Undertones

Minus Feargal, if I remember rightly. Bearsuit, Ellen Allien and The White Stripes in tonight's show.

Peel show - May 14 2003 - The Undertones - part 1
Peel show - May 14 2003 - The Undertones - part 2

I'm having some problems with my wireless connection at the moment so I might not be uploading as regularly as I'd like. Nothing beats waiting half an hour for a file to upload only to have your connection crap out at 98%.


Anonymous said...

Is there a chance you can convert these to 44,100 Hz instead of 48,000? The latter causes playback problems on my mp3 player.

So It Goes said...

You had problems with Media Fire too? Join the club: a superb site for free, but not without its problems.

the grizzle said...

anon - See the latest post. I've changed how I split the files for upload now so you should be ok from now on. Once I've got everything uploaded I'll probably come back and fix the ones that have been put up so far.

the grizzle said...

SIG - the problem isn't mediafire for me at the moment - there's several walls and a lot of clutter between my pc and the wireless router and it just keeps losing all connectivity