Tuesday, 5 August 2008

October 7 2002 - Part Chimp

This is the last show I have from 2002. I'll pick up with the 2003 shows tomorrow. Tonight's show has tracks from Melys, M.I.A. and Lonnie Donegan alongside a session from Part Chimp.

Thanks to DuffPaddy for keeping hold of the links for this show so I didn't have to upload it yet again after blogger went tits up.

Peel show - October 7 2002 - Part Chimp - part 1
Peel show - October 7 2002 - Part Chimp - part 2


DuffPaddy said...

Thanks again, mate! However, as you half-suspected, all is not entirely well with the shared folder. When clicking on the download link I get:

"The folder you have tried to view is set to private and is not viewable! (-422)"

DuffPaddy said...

Ah, that's better! Thanks again Grizz, appreciate your efforts.