Wednesday, 27 August 2008

May 6 2003 - 2/5 BZ

A session from 2/5 BZ, who appears to be a Turkish man who makes a sort of industrial electronic kind of noise. He has a remarkably broken Myspace page. Gang of Four, Ellen Allien and The Samurai Seven also feature tonight.

Peel show - May 6 2003 - 2/5 BZ


DuffPaddy said...

Thanks again, mate. And even though Colin Murray makes me want to commit multiple homicide, it's always interesting to hear a bit of the programmes that went out either side of Peel, so I appreciate your keeping them in.

the grizzle said...

It's not really a conscious decision - it's just that the conversion process is slightly less lossy if I don't do any editing at all.

Anonymous said...

Serhat Köksal has continued to develop his multimedia project 2/5BZ , initiated in Istanbul in 1986, up until the present day, expressing himself in a wide range of media forms. Besides audiovisual performances like “NO Touristik NO Exotic”, which have been shown internationally on 16 country 78 cities, Serhat Köksal has produced an uncountable number of Tapes, CDs, Video-Collages ,performances ,DVDs ,Vinyls, Stickers ,Posters and Copy-Zines. In his project “NO Pipeline NO Exotic”, Serhat Köksal aka 2/5 BZ illuminates the common cultural clichés between Orient and Occident in a critical and humorous way, investigating their effects on people’s economic or political situation and individual states of mind. He employs collage and cut-up techniques, found film material, outdoor shots and samples. The project concentrates on concepts such as “Cultural Pipeline” and “Energy Dialogue” since 2007 begin , presenting them with Sound art and “Planetcore” live visuals on Italy, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Iran, Poland, Russia, USA, Belgium, Holland, Belarus ,Latvia .Serhat Köksal aka 2/5BZ is co-curator of the International Roaming Biennial of Tehran and have interview with John Peel on 1994 for BBC world Service and have two times ' Peel Session ' in BBC Radio 1 and have interview about Turkish Pop Cinema on Channel 4 TV [Mondo Macabro television series] and have selection in first wide-ranging book guide of audiovisual art and VJ culture. Project presenting on the subject of Turkish Pop Cinema and Deconstruction, Exotic Tourism and Anti-City myths, Copy Culture and Remakes, critical sound art and audiovisual experimentation using found footage, field recordings and samples - in short: a critical and humorous re-use of mass culture . Serhat Köksal have grant artist residencies in Berlin,Warsaw,Vienna and living and working in istanbul.
' Of all the music I heard in Turkey, I liked 2/5 BZ best ' John Peel ( Remake Exotic Audiovisual Performance ),429.html ( No Exotic ,No Ethnic Market Audiovisual Performance ) ( 2/5BZ CD / DVD / Vinyl ) ( Berlin SOLO Exhibition / No Cultural Pipeline NO Energy Dialogue ) ( 2/5BZ @ Peel Session ) ( Biennial Tehran / curated Serhat Koksal & Amirali Ghasemi ) ( 2003 club transmediale festival announce )
( 2/5bz Audiovisual Performance @ Amsterdam Sonic Acts Festival ) ( Photo Amsterdam Paradiso ) (2/5bz @ Prag Orientalcore ) ( 2/5bz @ St Petersburg TimeOut ) Tahran Bienali 10.06.08 ( Video ) on zine plagij. Belgrad,324980,serhat-koksal-wydarzenie.html
( 2/5bz solo exhibition / Warsaw ) ( 2/5bz @ Vienna 2005 ) ( Solo Exhibition / Artist Residency ),6F834793DD4B411281020A5DD613BC51.html
2/5bz ' sahnede canli olarak ses ve video kurgusu ' 2 subat 08
2/5bz / Remake Turkish Pop / Super Copyrginal / rolling stones roportaj Nisan 08
2/5bz el emeği göz nuru album incelemesi ( weekly radio programs in Istanbul ) &
2/5bz gece gunduz ntv 11.02.08 orientalcore dublaj (video)‏

serhatkoksal ( at ) hotmail com

thescourge said...


i agree, leave the bits in at the end, it's interesting hearing what the other programmes were like at the time, also hearing old news is very weird indeed!

Re: Turkish music, i can't really argue with the commenter before me! Still, my favourite Turkis musician at the moment (though he's not really contemporary) is Erkin Koray, Turkey's pioneering psychedelic musician. Recommended.

aa said...