Wednesday, 6 August 2008

March 18 2003 - Michael Mayer

There's a bit of a gap in my collection here, jumping from November 02 to March 03. A live mix from Michael Mayer and tracks from Cowcube, Stephen Malkmus and The Fall.

Peel show - March 18 2003 - Michael Mayer

Weird. I updated last night's post with a new megaupload link but it looks like blogspot has lost it. If it hasn't reappeared by this evening, I'll upload the Part Chimp show a third time and repost the link.

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DuffPaddy said...

That's odd; must have had a problem overnight. As well as your replacement links, my follow-up comment confirming that they work has also gone.

But because I was fortunate enough to get the files before blogger's woes, I've been able to check my browser history and recover the links. So, here they are:

2002-11-07 Part 1
2002-11-07 Part 2

And thanks for this one. I have a few from this era, but once again you've plugged a gap for me.