Thursday, 17 July 2008

October 17 2002 - Solex

MIA, Interpol and two different kinds of Piranhas in tonight's show, with Solex on duty in the session booth.

Peel show - October 17 2002 - Solex - part 1
Peel show - October 17 2002 - Solex - part 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shows. But why are all in so poorly quality? Shouldn't MP3 192 the minimum quality?
In my eyes flac is goog enough and all can do a conversion to his preferred format...

the grizzle said...

The source is a 128kbps mp2 file, recorded off the BBC DAB broadcast which I'm pretty sure was 128kbps too. That's the best I could record at the time. Converting to flac isn't going to improve the quality. I'm converting to standard 44.1kHz mp3 so that people can play these files on mp3 players straight from download. Other than that, I'm not touching them at all. If I did them in flac format, the whole process would take about twice as long, and I just don't have the time or the inclination. Sorry.

DuffPaddy said...

Yes, if they're recorded off DAB then re-encoding them to a higher bitrate would be a waste of time, space and bandwidth. And these sound absolutely fine to me, mate. Thanks again.

So It Goes said...

'Poorly quality'? 'all can do'?? I am a TEFL teacher, and my rates are very reasonable.
What's the problem? Your files sound brilliant. Thanks, Grizz...keep rocking in the (flac) free world.