Saturday, 12 July 2008

October 10 2002 - The Pet Shop Boys

Everyone's favourite ex-editor of Smash Hits is in session tonight. Also appearing are Explosions in the Sky, Boom Bip and Leeds nearly-weres Bilge Pump. They did a show near me just recently that I only found out about after they'd been and gone, fact fans.

Peel show - October 10 2002 - The Pet Shop Boys - part 1
Peel show - October 10 2002 - The Pet Shop Boys - part 2


thescourge said...

This site is incredible. just dropping in to say thanks for this great little (not so little!) archive of stuff. It's fantastic to hear such a complete set of well recorded John Peel Shows.

I also have a blog of various odd and hard to get music, by the way, and a lot of it turns out to be John Peel related.

As such, I'm also commenting to see if you'll put some sort of link or mention about my blog on your own blog. Even if you don't, i hope you can maybe enjoy listening to the music that i have there. Here is where to find my blog:

Come to think of it, i guess this comment is just such a mention...

Keep up the good work and all the best for now.

So It Goes said...

Cheers Grizz! I have this, but in a crappy recording, so it's nice to hear my favourite band in well decent sound at last. Thank you!!
P.S. Not being pushy, but the 16 October was the Delgados cover versions sesh...I don't suppose you'll be upping that one anytime soon? ;-))

the grizzle said...

The Delgados show should be going up on Wednesday. Tuesday is the 15th October show with Explosions In The Sky in session.

Scourge, I'll bung a link to your blog on the main page. Looks like you've got some good stuff there.

DuffPaddy said...

Yes, it's good to have you back, Grizzmeister! Thanks for these latest shows.