Thursday, 19 June 2008

October 8 2002 - The Dawn Parade

No idea who The Dawn Parade are but tonight's show also features The Flaming Stars, Plaid and The Datsuns.

Peel show - October 8 2002 - The Dawn Parade - part 1
Peel show - October 8 2002 - The Dawn Parade - part 2

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Tom said...


I just wanted to pass on a massive thank-you for this site. What a find! I've been listening to a couple of shows every week since before Christmas. I recently turned 30 and it's interesting how my taste has changed since these shows were first broadcast. Back then, the 22-year old me was only interested in indiepop and happy-hardcore. Recently, as a result of re-listening to the Peel shows of 02/03, I've bought that Flashing Echo Trojan comp that got so much airplay and the Hank Williams 'no more darkness' collection on none-more-Peel label Trikont.

I'm writing to express my thanks on this particular one because, to my total surprise, this show included an email from me! It was almost unbearably moving (and a little strange!) to hear Peel reading out an email from my younger self.
Thanks so much.
Tom 'The Unutterable' Walker, Doncaster.